The MIFETM system 
for non-invasive measurement of specific fluxes in solution near living plant or animal tissue

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Membrane Transport & fluxes
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MIFE theory
 ion flux theory
multivalent ion mobility
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neutral molecule flux
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H+ flux in buffered media

System requirements


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The MIFE system software is designed to implement the theory in a convenient and practical way. The two software components are described below.

CHART is the software package designed to control data acquisition by the MIFE hardware system. It runs under DOS and allows automated and interactive real-time control of the amplifier configuration and the micromanipulator while the data are being collected and written to disk. The system configuration is recorded together with the data, and all modifications during data acquisition are recorded in a log file which can also include annotations typed during the experiment. Up to 8 channels of data are displayed on the screen as if on a chart recorder. Any region of the “chart” can be inspected (and expanded or contracted) at will without interrupting the measurements. The software allows subsequent recall and display of any run. It also allows the export of the raw or averaged data in the form of an ASCII file for import into a spreadsheet or other program. The system will also function as an excellent electrometer/recorder with a 10 Hz bandwidth for microelectrode studies of membrane potential or for any other data acquisition. 

MIFEFLUX was developed to implement the flux calculations according to the published procedures and to provide the necessary software for purchasers of the MIFE amplifiers and controller. It takes output files from CHART and produces convenient ASCII text files for spreadsheet importing.  MIFEFLUX incorporates options for plane, cylindrical and spherical geometries. It includes compensation for the effect of buffers in solution that modify the measurement of hydrogen ion flux. MIFEFLUX will also analyse data from neutral molecule electrodes, oxygen in particular.

Commercial software for data manipulating and display will be needed to graph the calculated fluxes or other data. 
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