The MIFE system 
for non-invasive measurement of specific ion fluxes in solution near living plant or animal tissue

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Software (Obsolete page)

MIFEFLUX was developed to implement the flux calculations according to the published procedures and to provide the necessary software for purchasers of the MIFE amplifiers and controller. It takes output files fromMIFE2 or CHART and produces convenient ASCII text files for spreadsheet importing. Users who wish to modify the analysis routines will require their own copy of Turbo Pascal or Borland Pascal to edit and compile the Pascal source code which will be provided to MIFE system purchasers. Commercial data manipulating and display software will be needed to graph the calculated fluxes or other data. 

MIFEFLUX incorporates options for plane, cylindrical and spherical geometries. It includes compensation for the effect of buffers in solution that modify the measurement of hydrogen ion flux.

MIFEFLUX will also analyse data from neutral molecule electrodes, oxygen in particular.

Maintained by Ian Newman. Date . University of Tasmania.