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Physics Opportunities - Undergraduate


The University of Tasmania offers a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in a variety of fields including Physics and Mathematics. Students undertaking this course participate in a number of astronomy related activities and we offer astrophysics courses at all year levels from first year to honours. In addition, students are able to conduct short astronphysical research projects using  the optical and radio telescopes operated by the School.

Subjects offered in 2011

First Year
KYA101 Physics IA
KYA102 Physics IB
KYA181 Astronomy

Second Year
KYA206  Atmospheric Physics & Stellar Physics
KYA211  Waves & Kinetic Theory
KYA212  Electromagnetism & Thermodynamics
KYA275  Engineering Physics (Restricted to Engineering students only)

Third Year
KYA306  Astrophysics & Atmospheric Physics (offered in Odd Numbered Years Only)
KYA307  Experimental Astrophysics (offered in Even Numbered Years Only)
KYA314  Dynamical Systems & Chaos (offered in Odd Numbered Years Only)
KYA315  Fluid Mechanics (offered in Even Numbered Years Only)
KYA320  Advanced Electromagnetism (required for student majoring in Physics)

In addition to students taking the BSc, some subjects may be offered to students enrolled in other Disciplines.  Please consult your Faculty for details.
For more information about entry requirements for the BSc please consult the administrative handbook or write to Mrs Karen Bradford ( Students wishing to undertake a double major with Mathematics should consult the administrative handbook and review the subjects offered by the Discipline of Mathematics. Detailed information on the courses including content can be accessed via the Physics webpage.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Alister Tavendale Scholarship in Physics
The scholarship is valued at $2500 pa and will be offered to a second or third year student majoring in Physics. For more information or to obtain an application form see the scholarships website .

Other Undergraduate Scholarships
UTas offers a variety of specific and general Undergraduate scholarships. Please consult the central university scholarships page for a full listing.