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The Grote Reber Memorial Conference

New Techniques and Results in Low Frequency Radio Astronomy

Hobart, Australia
December 6th - 10th, 2005
Grote Reber

Including the presentation of the Reber Medal to Professor Bill Erickson for lifetime innovative contributions to radio astronomy

Conference Aims
The topic of the conference will be Low Frequency Radio Astronomy in general, with a fairly loose definition of "Low Frequency", including Cosmological, Extra-galactic, Galactic, and Solar System applications. We are particularly interested in technical innovations, analog and digital devices and computational methods. A highlight of the conference will be the presentation of the first Grote Reber Medal for lifetime innovative contributions to radio astronomy.

The goal of this conference is to generate support and visibility for low frequency astronomy in general, both past, through celebration of the accomplishments of Reber and other pioneers, and future, through discussion of various projects to build large new facilities, including the Square Kilometer Array and its precursors, and their scientific applications. Talks describing recent results from low frequency observations are particularly welcome, and technical innovations that have applications to low frequency astronomy such as interference mitigation will also be highlighted.

Early summer is a beautiful time of year in Tasmania, and the Island is a popular tourist destination with spectacular natural beauty. The conference organisation will include opportunities for sightseeing and side trips to nearby attractions.

Invited Speakers

Rick Fisher (NRAO)
Anne Green (USyd.)
George Miley (Leiden)
Ravi Subrahmanyan (ATNF)
Colin Lonsdale (MIT Haystack)
Alan Rogers (MIT Haystack)
Nissim Kanekar (NRAO)
J. -P. Macquart (NRAO)
Lincoln Greenhill (CfA)
Namir Kassim (NRL)
Rick Perley (NRAO)
Ron Ekers (ATNF)
Scientific Organising Committee

John Dickey, Chair (UTAS)
Frank Briggs (ATNF/ANU)
Jayaram Chengular (NCRA)
Rob Gates (OSI, WA Gov.)
Jackie Hewitt (MIT)
Dave Jauncey (ATNF)
Melanie Johnston-Hollitt (UTAS)
Ken Kellermann (NRAO)
Rachel Webster (UMelb.)

EMAIL: John.Dickey at

Local Organsing Committee

Melanie Johnston-Hollitt, Chair
Karen Bradford
Shari Breen
John Dickey
Martin George
Cliff Senkbeil

EMAIL: Melanie.JohnstonHollitt at

FAX: +61 (0)3 6226 2410

Hobart Photo, Richard Eastwood/Tourism Tasmania
Created by Cliff Senkbeil