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Mt Canopus Observatory

The Canopus Hill Observatory houses a 1 metre telescope and is situated approximately 12 km from Hobart. Because of its high southern latitude (43 degrees South) the telescope provides opportunities for study of the Magellanic Clouds throughout the year.

Telescope instrumentation includes a CCD photometer with SITe 512x512 pixel illuminated backside thinned CCD and quick change 6 channel filter wheel. A second camera with SITe 1024x1024 pixel thinned CCD is under development.These are mounted at the f/11 Cassegrain focus. A high resolution (R~20,000) Coude spectrograph is being converted to fibre feed from the Cass focus. A tip-tilt mechanism on the tertiary mirror is now used for auto-guiding but will be used for full first order image correction when a fast guide camera is installed

Canopus Telescope

The latest Observer's Notes are now available on-line. Essential reading for anyone using the Canopus telescope. Because observing procedures can sometimes change on a day-to-day basis there is a section on current problems/tips/warnings.

 If you are interested in visiting the observatory, please telephone the School of Mathematics and Physics on +61 (0)3 6226 2401 to make arrangements. There are Postscript and .GIF format maps available to assist you in finding your way there.
16 inch telescope
A 16" telescope also at the site is used principally by the Astronomical Society of Tasmania for photographic work, and for public viewing during observatory open nights
For more information on the observatroy please contact Dr John Greenhill.