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Optical and X-Ray Astronomy

The Optical and X-ray Astronomy group has a 1 metre telescope and extensive support facilities at the Canopus Hill Observatory approximately 12 km from Hobart. From time to time use is made of national facilities including the Anglo Australian Telescope and the
2.3 metre MSSSO telescope at Siding Spring Mountain.  X-ray data is obtained using international X-ray satellite observatories on a guest observer basis.

Current research in the group includes the study of gravitational microlensing events as part of the worldwide PLANET collaboration and the study of X-ray pulsars and black hole accretors. 

Small Rocky Planet Discovered in our Galaxy
The PLANET collaboration announced on Jan 26th in the Journal Nature the discovery of a low mass planet orbiting a cool distant star. With a mass of only 5 times the mass of Earth and a surface temperature similar to that of Neptune this discovery represents the lowest mass planet ever found, and the class of cool rocky/ice worlds. This discovery lends support to current theories of how our solar system formed. More...

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