Specifications and ordering

of the MIFE™ system

The MIFE system, including its software, is supplied as a unit.  It comprises the MIFE™ hardware, optional additional manipulator hardware and the software.

Hardware means the MIFETM hardware, consisting of :

        MIFE1 amplifier and control box

        2 pre-amplifiers

        DAS08 card for PC

        All necessary cables

Additional Manipulator Hardware supplied for an additional cost is:

        stepper motors and control unit

        Narshige SM-17, MX-2, MHW-4 plus mountings

Software means the “CHART” and “MIFEFLUX” software supplied with the Hardware.

NOTE: As an alternative to the Additional Manipulator Hardware, the Eppendorf PatchMan NP2 manipulator (supplied by the user) may be used.

The following are approximate, indicative prices in March 2012 in Australian dollars ex Hobart. Sales tax and setup and delivery costs are in addition. An academic discount  may be available. Please contact the UTas Research Office Commercialisation Unit Mr Nigel Blundell, in the first instance, for a quotation for your specific MIFE requirements.

Software, Hardware and Additional Manipulator Hardware:       A$46 000.

Software and hardware only (for use with NP2 manipulator):    A$30 000.

Many other things are needed for setting up a MIFE laboratory to measure ion fluxes. We have provided an outline of these requirements with estimates of costs and sources of supply.

The MIFE system is manufactured by the University of Tasmania School of Mathematics and Physics. Profits from its sale will be used for Biophysics and other research in the School and in the School of Agricultural Science.
  University of Tasmania.