Publications of the University of Tasmania Biophysics group from 1993.

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Arif I & Newman IA 1993
Proton efflux from oat coleoptile cells and exchange with wall calcium after IAA or fusiccocin treatment
Planta 189, 377-383.

Arif I, Newman IA & Keenlyside N 1995
Proton flux measurements from tissues in buffered solution
Plant Cell & Environment 18, 1319-1324.

Shabala SN 1996
Leaf Temperature Kinetics Measure Plant Adaptation to Extreme High Temperatures
Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 23, 445-452.

Shabala SN, Newman IA, Morris J 1997
Oscillations in Hydrogen and Calcium Ion Fluxes Around the Elongation Region of Corn Roots and Effects of External pH 
Plant Physiology 113, 111-118.

Shabala SN, Delbourgo R, Newman IA 1997
Observations of Bifurcation and Chaos in Plant Physiological Responses to Light
Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 24(1), 91-96.

Shabala SN & Newman IA 1997
Proton and calcium flux oscillations in the elongation region correlate with root nutation
Physiologia Plantarum 100(4), 917-926.

Shabala SN 1997
Leaf bioelectric responses to rhythmical light: identification of the contributions from stomatal and mesophyll cells. 
Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 24(6), 741-749.

Shabala SN & Newman IA 1997
H+ flux kinetics around plant roots after short-term exposure to low temperature: identifying critical temperatures for plant chilling tolerance.
Plant Cell & Environment 20(11), 1401.

Shabala SN & Newman IA 1997
Root nutation modelled by two ion flux-linked growth waves around the root.
Physiologia Plantarum 101, 770-776.

Shabala SN, Newman IA, Whittington J & Juswono UP 1998
Protoplast ion fluxes: their measurements and variation with time, position and osmoticum.
Planta 204(2), 146-152.

Shabala SN & Newman IA 1998
Osmotic sensitivity of Ca2+ and H+ transporters in corn roots: Effect on fluxes and their oscillations in the elongating region.
Journal of Membrane Biology 161(1), 45-54.

Shabala SN, Shabala SI, Martynenko AI, Babourina O & Newman IA 1998
Salinity effect on bioelectric activity, growth, Na+ accumulation and chlorophyll fluorescence of maize leaves: a comparative survey and prospects for screening.
Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 25, 609-616.

Babourina O, Shabala S & Newman I 1998
Auxin stimulates Cl- uptake by oat coleoptiles.
Annals of Botany 82, 331-336

Olga K. Babourina, Andrew E. Knowles and Ian A. Newman 1998
Chloride uptake by oat coleoptile parenchyma described by combined influx and efflux transport systems. 
Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 25(8), 929-936.

Shabala S & Newman I 1999
Light induced changes in hydrogen, calcium, potassium, and chloride ion fluxes and concentrations from the mesophyll and epidermal tissues of bean leaves: understanding the ionic basis of light-induced bioelectrogenesis.
Plant Physiology 119, 1115-1124.

M Pharmawati, S N Shabala, I A Newman and C A Gehring 1999
Natriuretic peptides and cGMP modulate K+, Na+, and H+ fluxes in Zea mays roots.
Molecular Cell Biology Research Communications 2, 53-57.

Shabala S 2000
Ionic and Osmotic components of salt stress specifically modulate net ion fluxes from bean leaf mesophyll.
Plant, Cell & Environment 23, 825-838.

Shabala S, Newman I, Wilson S, and Clark R 2000
Nutrient uptake patterns over the surface of germinating wheat seeds.
Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 27, 89-97.

Sergey Shabala and Ian Newman 2000
Salinity effects on the activity of plasma membrane H+ and Ca2+ transporters in bean leaf mesophyl: masking role of the cell wall.
Annals of Botany 85, 681-686.

Olga Babourina, Tatiana Leonova, Sergey Shabala and Ian Newman 2000
Effect of sudden salt stress on ion fluxes in intact wheat suspension cells.
Annals of Botany 85, 759-767.

Olga Babourina, Sergey Shabala and Ian Newman 2000
Verapamil-induced kinetics of ion flux in oat seedlings.
Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 27, 1031-1040.

Sergey Shabala, Olga Babourina and Ian Newman 2000
Ion-specific mechanisms of osmoregulation in bean mesophyll cells.
Journal of Experimental Botany 51(348), 1243-1253.

Newman 2001
Ion transport in roots: measurement of fluxes using ion-selective microelectrodes to characterise transporter function. [Invited Review]
Plant, Cell and Environment 24(1), 1-14.

Olga Babourina, Barbara Hawkins, Roger R Lew, Ian Newman and Sergey Shabala 2001
K+ transport by Arabidopsis root hairs at low pH
Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 28(7), 635-641. 

Stephen D. Tyerman, Mary Bielby, John Whittington, Unggul Juswono, Ian Newman and Sergey Shabala. 2001
Oscillations in proton transport revealed from simultaneous measurements of net current and net proton fluxes from isolated root protoplasts: MIFE meets patch-clamp.
Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 28(7), 591-604.  

Lana Shabala, Tom Ross, Ian Newman, Tom McMeekin, and Sergey Shabala 2001
Measurements of net fluxes and extracellular changes of H+, Ca2+, K+, and NH4+ in Escherichia coli using ion-selective microelectrodes.
Journal of Microbiological Methods 46(2), 119-129.

Olga Babourina, Ian Newman and Sergey Shabala 2002
Blue light-induced kinetics of H+ and Ca2+ fluxes in etiolated wild-type and phototropin-mutant Arabidopsis seedlings. 
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
99(4), 2433-2438. 

Demidchik, V., H. C. Bowen, Maathuis FJM, Shabala SN, Tester MA, White PJ, Davies JM 2002. 
Arabidopsis thaliana
root non-selective cation channels mediate calcium uptake and are involved in growth.
Plant Journal 32(5), 799-808

Sergey N. Shabala and Roger R Lew 2002
Turgor regulation in osmotically stressed Arabidopsis epidermal root cells. Direct support for the role of inorganic ion uptake as revealed by concurrent flux and cell turgor measurements. 
Plant Physiology
129(1), 290-299.

Shabala, S. and A. Knowles 2002. 
Rhythmic patterns of nutrient acquisition by wheat roots.
Functional Plant Biology 29, 595-605

Sergey Shabala, Lisa J Schimanski and Anthony Koutoulis 2002
Heterogeneity on bean leaf mesophyll tissue and ion flux profiles: Leaf electrophysiological characteristics correlate with the anatomical structure. 
Annals of Botany
89, 221-226.

Sergey Shabala, Lana Shabala and Elizabeth Van Volkenburgh 2003
Effect of calcium on root development and root ion fluxes in salinised barley seedlings.
Functional Plant Biology 30(5), 507-514.

OK Babourina, IA Newman and SN Shabala 2003
Electrophysiological localization of blue light sensory sites in etiolated dicotyledon seedlings.
Plant, Cell and Environment 26, 1505-1514.

Shabala, S. 2003.
Regulation of potassium transport in leaves: from molecular to tissue level.
Annals of Botany 92, 627-634

Trevor P. Garnett, Sergey N. Shabala, Philip J. Smethurst and Ian A. Newman 2003
Kinetics of ammonium and nitrate uptake by eucalypt roots and associated proton fluxes measured using ion selective microelectrodes.
Functional Plant Biology 30(11), 1165-1176.

S. Shabala 2003
Physiological implications of ultradian oscillations in plant roots.
Plant and Soil 255, 217-226.

Babourina, OK, Voltchanskii, K, Newman, IA, 2004 
Ion flux interaction with cytoplasmic streaming in branchlets of Chara australis
Journal of Experimental Botany, 55(408) 2505-2512. 

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Changes in ion fluxes during phototropic bending of etiolated oat coleoptiles.
Annals of Botany 94, 187-194.

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Overcoming the Problem of Non-Ideal Liquid Ion Exchanger Selectivity in Microelectrode Ion Flux Measurements. 
Journal of Membrane Biology
, 202(1) 51-59.

Ludidi, N, Morse, M, Sayed, M, Wherrett, TC, Shabala, SN, Gehring, C, 2004 
A Recombinant Plant Natriuretic Peptide Causes Rapid and Spatially Differentiated K+, Na+ and H+ Flux Changes in Arabidopsis thaliana Roots. 
Plant and Cell Physiology
, 45 (8) 1093-1098.

Robert Steven Tegg, Lolita Melian, Calum Rae Wilson, and Sergey Shabala 2005.
Plant Cell Growth and Ion Flux Responses to the Streptomycete Phytotoxin Thaxtomin A: Calcium and Hydrogen Flux Patterns Revealed by the Non-invasive MIFE Technique. 
Plant and Cell Physiology 46: 638-648.

Shabala, SN, Shabala, SI, Van Volkenburgh, E, Newman, IA, 2005
Effect of divalent cations on ion fluxes and leaf photochemistry in salinized barley leaves. 
Journal of Experimental Botany
, 56 (415) 1369-1378.

Smethurst, C, Garnett, T, Shabala, SN, 2005 
Nutritional and chlorophyll fluorescence responses of lucerne (Medicago sativa) to waterlogging and subsequent recovery. 
Plant and Soil
, 270 31-45.

Zivanovic, B, Pang, J, Shabala, SN, 2005 
Light-induced transient ion flux responses from maize leaves and their association with leaf growth and photosynthesis. 
Plant, Cell and Environment, 28 340-352.

Shabala, SN, Hariadi, YC, 2005
Effects of magnesium availability on the activity of plasma membrane ion transporters and light-induced responses from broad bean leaf mesophyll. 
, 221 56-65.

Macpherson, Neil, Shabala, Lana, Rooney, Henrietta, Jarman, Marcus G., Davies, Julia M. (2005)
Plasma membrane H+ and K+ transporters are involved in the weak-acid preservative response of disparate food spoilage yeasts.
Microbiology 151, 1995-2003.

Wherrett, TC, Ryan, PB, Delhaize, E, Shabala, SN, 2005 
Effect of aluminium on membrane potential and ion fluxes at the apices of wheat roots. 
Functional Plant Biology
, 32 199-208.

Pang, J, Mendham, NJ, Zhou, M, Newman, IA, Shabala, SN 
Microelectrode ion and O2 flux measurements reveal differential sensitivity of barley root tissues to hypoxia. 
Plant, Cell and Environment
(In Press)

Shabala, L, Ross, T, McMeekin, TA, Shabala, SN 
Non-Invasive Microelectrode Ion Flux Measurements to Study Adaptive Responses of Surface Associated Microorganisms to the Environment. 
FEMS Microbiology Ecology
(In Press)

Chen Z, IA Newman, M Zhou, NJ Mendham, G Zhang, SN Shabala 2005
Screening plants for salt tolerance by measuring K+ flux: a case study for barley. 
Plant, Cell and Environment
28, 1230-1246.

Shabala, Lana, Tracey A. Cuin, Ian A. Newman and Sergey Shabala 2005
Salinity-induced ion flux patterns from the excised roots of Arabidopsis sos mutants.
Planta 222, 1041-1050. 

Sergey Shabala, Lana Shabala, Dietrich Gradmann, Zhonghua Chen, Ian Newman, and Stefano Mancuso, 2006
Oscillations in plant membrane-transport: model predictions, experimental validation, and physiological implications.
Journal of Experimental Botany (Online: 5 December 05). 

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